Tattoo Application Form

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For general inquiries or for a touch-up appointments please refer to the contact form

or email us at

We are an 18+ studio only. 

Our artists work off a wait list system to avoid booking appointments more than 4-6 months in advance. Consultations are offered promptly to assure you and your artist are on the same page before proceeding to the wait list. The design size/complexity as well as number of sessions required will affect how soon you can get in. 

Ashh - Waitlist 

Jordyn - 2-3 Month Wait 

Matt - Books closed until further notice - Waitlist 

Chandler (Apprentice) - Booking small tattoos and available for walk ins 

If you have any questions please refer to the FAQ for more information.

If you are hoping to book with an artist and their books are closed, you can still submit an application. Your form will be held for future review when the artists books open again.