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About Our Team 

Ashh Lynn Curwen

Ashh Lynn is the owner of Crimson Oath Tattoo since 2018. She has tattooed at a variety of shops in BC since 2014.  She specializes in realism designs in color, opaque black and grey and traditional black and grey. Collaboration projects with Matt will be available for booking in 2022.

Matt Curwen 

Matt is the recent owner of Noir Arts Studio and an international artist. His tattoo journey started in 2005 in the UK before moving to Canada in 2012. He specializes in black & grey horror and soft realism. Matt is currently not tattooing; plans to open books in early 2022.

Jordyn Kormish 

Jordyn is Crimson Oaths junior artist.  Jordyn began her apprenticeship with us in May 2018; she is proving her talent in many styles from neotraditional, illustration to realism She is a diverse artist that has been practicing art for many years with being a tattoo artist as her ultimate goal. 

Chandler Porteous 

Chandler is our new up and coming apprentice. He began his apprenticeship June 2020; he is currently taking on small projects for short notice bookings or walk ins on occasion. Chandler primarily is working on small to medium designs in a variety of styles.

Julia Anderson

Julia is our studio assistant and customer representative. If you have any questions about Crimson Oath, Julia is your go to person!

Looking to hire

Apprentice Position Available 

To apply submit your 10 best portfolio pieces via email along with your resume and cover letter. Costs associated with apprenticeship and equipment would apply. 

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