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Appointment Only Hours


Monday - Saturday

9am- 4pm

Please use our application form if you'd like to book a new project.

We are appointment only; our doors stay locked while we're working. Artists schedules are independently determined. If you stop by the shop unannounced we may not be able to answer the door, so send us an email or give us a call instead!

(250) 545-0288

Please note our receptionist is part time and is not available to answer the phone or emails every day.

We appreciate your patience and understanding. 



Studio Policies

  • 48 hour cancellation notice minimum- 2 weeks preferred.

  • Appointment only. Call or email for walk-in, as doors may be locked. 

  • Deposits will need to be placed in order to select an appointment date or have anything designed. Deposits and down payments are non-refundable.

  • You may lose your service fee if:

    • You do not show up to your tattoo appointment. 

    • You wait till last minute to reschedule. 

    • You change your design concept after your artist has designed your initial request. This does not include minor alterations. ​

    • If you are unable to maintain the duration of your appointment due to sudden changes of plans. 

    • Showing up 15 minutes or more late to your scheduled appointment.

  • Consultations are free of charge. 

  • Pausing progress on a multi-session projects for an extended period of time may result in changes in your artists rate. This also applies to delaying new projects. Rates are honoured to project completion when project is completed within reasonable time frames. Expectations on how long the project should take to be determined between client and artist during consultation. 

  • Follow-up appointments will have a minimum charge of $40.00

  • Do not bring a guest; if you wish to please ask us in advance. If all artists are working no guests will be permitted.

  • Do not wear perfumes or strong deodorants into the studio. 

  • Bring comfort items like slippers, headphones, tablets, sleep mask, books etc for your personal comfort and entertainment. 

  • 18+ only studio. Photo ID is required. 

  • No Children - No exceptions (not even for your consult)

  • As a custom studio we DO NOT COPY other artwork without verified written consent from original artist. 

  • Harassment, negligent behaviour in studio or abuse of any of these terms will not be tolerated and your appointment will be cancelled. 

Crimson Oath Tattoo Mission Statement

Collectively we specialize in a variety of styles, each artist with unique preferences and talents; we are committed to pairing you with an artist best suited to your concept.

Our studio is committed to a low toxin environment equipped with a medical grade air purifier and products low in VOCs, allergens and irritants. Each of our stations are set up with fully adjustable chairs to accommodate even the trickiest placements with ease and comfort for both client and artist.

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